Video In Acid - Revise if necessary

How to import video into Acid:
1.Create the video on a recording camera that is able to connect to the computer.

2. Copy the video from the camera onto your drive.
(Make sure you get the usb cable to connect it from the digital camera to the computer's usb port)

3.Save the movie on to your drive. (Preferrably on your H drive in a folder marked something like video in acid or something like that)

4.Find Movie maker through local disk(It is on local disk C then click on the Program Files folder then click show contents then go down to Movie Maker)

Open Movie maker

5. Import video from your drive into Movie Maker, and edit it if you want.

6.Editing in movie maker
a.)click edit movie on left panel
b.)then click view video effects
c.)then click on the effect you want and drag it to the panel and section of the movie you want it to go in.
d.)edit clips and cut to appropriate or desired time.
e.)right click clips to fade in and out videos to make entire movies smoother and easy to view.
(note: player may sometimes cut .mvi and other movie files into multiple clips, so you may want rerrange them in the order that you want.)

7.In movie maker you can right click your frame and then click "video effects" then an effect. for example "speed up, double."

8. You can do the last step multiple times to each panel

9.When you are done editing your video you go to save as under file.(save it as a .wmv file)

9. Now go to acid then render it as a .wmv for the video and sound to show up in acid.Then click ok and then all you have to do is add your music.

11.When addeding music for acid you must delete the sound from the recording (the background noise, the laughing, etc.) by right clicking the sound miditrack and press delete.

12.Once your music is added watch the video and make any other revisions needed to your video or movie.

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